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DISCLAIMER: This is a showcase of our editor tool, and is therefore not practical for other use. But feel free to message us if you want to customize it for your project.

This editor tool was developed alongside our game "Mad Labs Escape" for easier creation of rooms used in the game.

The editor can be used to design levels by placing tiles on a grid, which can later be loaded into the game.

Tilemaps are saved in the "./Bytemaps" folder, along with a screenshot for visual representation of how the tilemap looks in-game.

Each tile in the editor corresponds to a number ("id"),  which gets placed in an array ("[]") for each row of the grid. Each layer is encased in curly brackets ("{}").

A demo level can be loaded with the filename "demo".

UI and features:

  • Selecting layer                              :   with layer buttons (top left)
  • Hide / show layers                      :   with "eye" buttons (next to layer buttons)
  • Enter grid size and apply        :   (fields labeled X: and Y:, and "Apply" button)
  • Clear all tiles on layer               :   with "Clear" button
  • Save tilemap with filename   :   (field labeled Filename: and "Save" button)
  • Load tilemap with filename   :   (field labeled Filename: and "Load" button)
  • Tile selection                                  :   click specific tile in the row of tiles (bottom of screen)

Controls and shortcuts:

  • Pan camera                 :     WASD or Middle mouse button
  • Zoom camera            :     Q and E or Scroll wheel
  • Place tile                      :     Press / Hold Left mouse button
  • Remove tile                :     Press / Hold Right mouse button
  • Change brush size  :     Shift + Scroll wheel
  • Tile picker                    :     Alt + Left mouse button
  • Tile selection             :     Number keys and number keys + shift or ctrl
  • Undo                              :     Ctrl + Z
  • Redo                               :     Ctrl + Y
  • Copy layer                   :     Shift + click layer to copy to
  • Save tilemap              :     Ctrl + S


Hannibal Sigfusson

Peter Bjørn


Tilemap Editor.zip 3 MB

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