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Plot summary

You find yourself in an underground lab with broken glass all over the floor. You feel a weird sensation in your limbs. Huge sharp blades extend from your arms and legs. The scientists have used you as a test subject in dangerous experiments and now your limbs are mutated. Suddenly you hear a chemical tank burst. The lab is being flooded and the only way out is up. Ascend through the many floors of the lab while taking your revenge on the evil scientists.



Play as the escaping test subject in a vertical 2D platformer / infinite runner. The atmosphere of the game is exciting, yet pressuring, and the player should feel like they are on an exciting prison break, swiftly planning their next move and then executing on it. When ascending, floors get increasingly harder, both in platforming challenges and enemy encounters. If you choose to kill the scientist you can get equipment that will improve your defense and attack damage.


Platform / System

Windows PC

Developed by

Hannibal Sigfusson - Programming, UI, Audio

Simon Stormes - Programming, Art & Animation

Peter Bjørn - Programming, Design, Testing

Martin Olesen - Programming, UI


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Mad Labs Escape Win32.zip (Experimental Alpha) 84 MB


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Awesome game! :D