A downloadable game for Windows

Go on a journey by train to stop the necromancer and his skeleton army from causing trouble!

Explore a silly world created by a crazy narrator and fight the skeletons with your abnormal weapons in this comical Twin-Stick Adventure game!


  • Chaotic Twin-stick combat
  • Weird weapons that you have never seen before
  • Quirky NPCs to share your journey with
  • A cool train to protect from evil
  • Mildly annoying skeletons that want a piece of your train
  • Works with Xbox controller

Current version:

In our game you are able to play two levels, one tutorial and one where you can freely test the game and it's mechanics.  You are also able to walk around in the hub area and talk with NPCs. 

Developed by

Hannibal Sigfusson

Simon Stormes

Peter Bjørn

Martin Olesen

Additional  assets:


Calcium Chaos Prototype 43 MB

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